Establishment and Affiliation

Tedim Christian College was established on 20 February 2000 as the B.Th extension program of Myanmar Institute of Theology, Insein. Now, it is an affiliated school of Tedim Theological College (TTC, Tedim) which is an accredited member school of ATESEA (Association for Theological Education in Southeast Asia). TCC is one of the member schools of Theological Education Department (TED) under Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC), and is a member of Association for Theological Education in Myanmar (ATEM).

Mission and Vision

The mission of the College is to train and educate young men and women for the service of Christ in the churches and society to the glory of the Triune God. The vision of the College is to provide excellent and effective education for better ministerial leadership and social services in Myanmar and around the globe.


In order to accomplish the mission and vision statement, the College has threefold commitment. They are, to equip men and women with theological scholarship which relevant to contemporary context and contextual theology, to enrich men and women with practical skills for Christian Ministry in Myanmar, and to empower men and women with profound spiritual insight to confront the spiritual poverty of contemporary society.

Board Members

(01) Rev. Cin Sian Pau Chairman Church Pastor, TBC-Y

(02) Rev. Dr. Nang Sawm Piang V. Chairman Principal, TCC

(03) Rev. Suan Khan Lian Secretary V. Principal, TCC

(04) Ms. Dim Ngaih Lun Treasurer Registrar, TCC

(05) Rev. Dr. Simon Pau Khan En Member Pastor Emritus, TBC-Y

(06) Rev. Vungh Suan Mung Member GS, Tedim Bapt. Convention

(07) Upa Suang Khan Thang Member President, TBC-Y

(08) Upa Sian Cin Mang Member Secretary, TBC-Y

(09) Upa Thang Za Khawm Member Treasurer, TBC-Y

(10) Rev. Dr. S. Ngulh Za Thawng Member Elected, TCC

(11) Rev. Ngul Cin Thang Member Elected, TBC-Y

(12) Dr. Luan Khan Tung Member Academic Dean, TCC

(13) Sm. Ning San Lun Member Student Dean, TCC

(14) Ms. Niang Hen Cing Member Elected, TBC-Y

(15) Rev. Nang Khan Khual Member Elected, OD Ministry

(16) U Kap Khen Pau Member Elected, TBC-Y(17) President of TCC Alumni Member Elected, AL Association