Degree Programs

Bachelor of Theology

B.Th is a four year undergraduate degree which prepares the candidate for fulltime ministry in the church and related services.

a) Entrance Requirements: Matriculation Passed or Equivalent is required for application. A three-hour entrance examination based on knowledge of English and Bible, and personal interview are necessary.

b) Course Credit: Academic credit is measured in semester hours. A core course or major subject has one class period of 4 hours per week for 16 weeks including exam weeks (64 teaching hours). A minor subject has one class period of 2 hours per week for 16 weeks including exam weeks (32 teaching hours).

c) Course Load: The maximum course load for any semester is 18 credit hours.

d) Semesters: An academic year is divided into two semesters: first semester begins in June and ends in September; second semester begins in the second week of October and ends first week of March.

e) Grading System:

Letter Grade Percent Grade 4.0 Scale
A 93-100 4.0
A- 89-92 3.7
B+ 86-88 3.3
B 83-85 3.0
B- 79-82 2.7
C+ 76-78 2.3
C 73-75 2.0
C- 69-72 1.7
F Below 68  

(f) Graduation Requirements:

To graduate a student must:

  • Fulfill 120 credit hours
    • Complete field works, internship, and Research Paper 5,000 – 6,000 words
    • Obtain grade point average (GPA) 2.5 and above

(i) List of Courses:

Biblical Studies (34 credit hrs)

Old Testament

OT Introduction                                                          4 hrs

OT Prophets                                                                2 hrs

OT Theology                                                               4 hrs

OT Exegesis                                                                2 hrs

Poetical and Wisdom Literature                                 2 hrs

Biblical Hebrew                                                          2 hrs

New Testament

            NT Introduction                                                          4 hrs

            NT Exegesis                                                                2 hrs

            NT Theology                                                               4 hrs

            Life and Teaching of Christ                                        2 hrs

            Life and Teaching of Paul                                          2 hrs   

            Book Study (Romans/Revelation)                              2 hrs

            Biblical Greek                                                             2 hrs

Historical/Mission Studies (24 credit hrs)

Church History (Apostolic Church to Modern)          4 hrs

Asian Church History                                                 2 hrs

Myanmar Church History                                           2 hrs

Ecumenics                                                                   2 hrs

Denominational Studies                                             2 hrs

Baptist Heritage                                                          2 hrs

World Religions                                                          2 hrs

Buddhism                                                                   2 hrs

World Mission                                                            2 hrs

Missiology                                                                   2 hrs

Church Planting                                                          2 hrs

Theological Studies (28 credit hrs)

Systematic Theology                                                   4 hrs

Church and Ethics                                                       4 hrs

Contemporary Theology                                             2 hrs

Contextual Theology                                                   2 hrs

Asian Theology                                                           2 hrs

Gender Studies                                                           2 hrs

Church and Society                                                     2 hrs

Philosophy                                                                  2 hrs

Christian Psychology                                                  2 hrs

Hermeneutics and Theology                                       2 hrs

Theology of Media and Communication                    2 hrs

Basic Theological Terms                                            2 hrs

Practical Studies (46 credit hrs)

Christian Education I (Intro)                                      2 hrs

Christian Education II (Children)                               2 hrs

Christian Education III (Youth and Adult)                2 hrs

Christian Education V (Home and Family)                2 hrs

Basic Christianity                                                       2 hrs

Spiritual Formation                                                     2 hrs

Foundation for Christian Ministry                              2 hrs

Pastoral Theology                                                       4 hrs

Church Management                                                   2 hrs

Servant Leadership                                                     2 hrs

Organizational Leadership                                          2 hrs

Care and Counseling                                                   2 hrs

Homiletics                                                                   2 hrs

Worship and Liturgy                                                   2 hrs

Social Work in Christian Ministry                              2 hrs

Disable Studies                                                           2 hrs

Diakonia Ministry                                                       2 hrs

Church Music                                                              2 hrs

Field works                                                                 2 hrs

Internship                                                                    2 hrs

Research                                                                      4 hrs

Diploma in Theology

            Dip.Th is a four year program which prepares the candidate for fulltime ministry in the churches and related services. 

a) Entrance Requirements: Grade IX passed is eligible for application. 3 hours exam on knowledge of English and Bible, and personal interview are required for admission.

b) Graduation Requirements, Course Credit, Course Load, Semesters, List of Courses are the same with B.Th. 

9.3 Master of Divinity

a)  Program Description

            The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is the basic professional theological degree and is typically completed in three years. The M.Div. program is designed to prepare men and women for ordination into the Christian ministry and ministerial leadership in the church. The program may also serve to prepare those interested in extension ministries, work with non-profit organizations, and teaching.  

b)  Objectives

The objective of M.Div. program is to prepare Christian men and women for pastoral work, various Christian ministries, and further theological study, by equipping them with effective ministerial skills, insightful theological imaginations, and a balanced spirituality. Graduates are expected to acquire the ability and skill to lead the church and make both responsive and proactive actions in the community and in the wider society.

c) Prerequisite

            Applicants must hold either a bachelor level theological degree (B.Th.) obtained from any of ATEM-recognized schools or a bachelor level secular degree obtained from any of the state-run universities.

d) Course Load: The maximum course load for any semester is 18 credit hours.

e) Semesters: An academic year is divided into two semesters: first semester begins in June and ends in September; second semester begins in October and ends first week of March.

f) Grading System:

Letter Grade Percent Grade 4.0 Scale
A 93-100 4.0
A- 89-92 3.7
B+ 86-88 3.3
B 83-85 3.0
B- 79-82 2.7
C+ 76-78 2.3
C 73-75 2.0
C- 69-72 1.7
F Below 68  

g) Graduation Requirements: The candidate must complete minimum 96 credits (64 credits for students with theological degrees.) in the areas of Biblical, Historical, Theological, Practical, and Mission, complete field works and internship, and submit a Research Paper 6,000 – 7,000 words. The candidate must obtain grade point average (GPA) 2.5 and above in order to graduate.

h)  Competencies and List of Courses

            The competency here is understood as the master level of comprehension and skills required to fulfill the primary objective of the program, reflecting the vision and mission statements of the College. M.Div. graduates are expected to have achieved competencies in the following five different areas of study:

Area I: Biblical Studies (26 credit hrs)

            – understanding the background, the structure, and the nature of biblical books

            – acquiring working knowledge on Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek

            – analyzing biblical texts by using different methods and approaches

            – interpreting the message/s of the Bible in one’s context or in various contexts

            – Subjects:

OT Survey                                                    4 credit hrs

NT Survey                                                    4 credit hrs

Canonization of the Bible                             2 credit hrs

Greek                                                            3 credit hrs

Hebrew                                                         3 credit hrs

Exegetical and Expository Preaching           2 credit hrs

OT Theology                                                4 credit hrs

NT Theology                                                4 credit hrs

Area II: Theological Studies (20 credit hrs)

            – understanding different theological methods and systems

            – seeking to provide relevant theological answers to the existential questions raised by

  people in their sufferings, struggles, and critical situations

            – constructing theological imaginations that will bring about hope and change

            – Subjects:

Systematic Theology                                    4 credit hrs

Church and Ethics                                        2 credit hrs

Theology and Hermeneutics                         2 credit hrs

Eco-Theology                                               2 credit hrs

Liberation Theology                                     2 credit hrs

Theology of Embrace                                   2 credit hrs

Women and Egalitarianism                           2 credit hrs

Gender Studies                                             2 credit hrs

Theology of Involvement                             2 credit hrs

Area III: Historical Studies (14 credit hrs)

            – acknowledging God as the Lord of history

            – recognizing the different methods of studying Church history

– tracing critically the history of the Church, its successes and failures

            – understanding the different denominations and their contributions

            – looking ahead the future of the present Church

– Subjects

Church History                                             4 credit hrs

Eastern Church History                                2 credit hrs

Myanmar Church History                            2 credit hrs

Ecumenics                                                    2 credit hrs

Denominational Studies                               2 credit hrs

Baptist Heritage                                            2 credit hrs

Area IV: Mission Studies (14 credit hrs)

            – understanding biblical foundation of mission

            – taking lessons from the history of mission

            – emphasizing the role of dialogue in doing mission

            – understanding other religions

            – rethinking the motives and methods of evangelism

            – Subjects:

Biblical Foundations of Mission                  2 credit hrs

Major Faith Traditions                                 2 credit hrs

Interfaith Dialogue as Mission                     2 credit hrs

Theology of Mission                                     2 credit hrs

Development and Communication               2 credit hrs

Political Buddhism in Myanmar                   2 credit hrs

Evangelism                                                   2 credit hrs

Area IV: Practical Studies (28 credit hrs)

            – learning and practicing the various pastoral skills – preaching, caring, guiding, etc.

            – applying the pedagogical and nurturing methods in Church Education

            – having a concern for the weak, the disabled, and the least

            – using music properly for the Church and Christian ministries

            – improving English skill for ministry

– Subjects:

Christian Education                                      4 credit hrs

Pastoral Theology                                         2 credit hrs                 

Pastoral Care and Counseling                      2 credit hrs

Church and Robert’s Rule                            2 credit hrs

Issues Facing the Church Today                  2 credit hrs

Theology of Worship                                    2 credit hrs

Spiritual Formation                                      2 credit hrs

Servant Leadership                                       2 credit hrs

Disability Studies                                         2 credit hrs

Diakonia Ministry                                         2 credit hrs

Field Education (Internship, Fieldwork)      4 credit hrs

Thesis                                                            4 credit hrs