Theology Program

Master of Divinity

M.Div program is a three year course designed for full-time ministry in the Church and related institutions. B.Th, B.A or equivalent degree holders are eligible to apply admission. The candidate must complete 90 credit hours.

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) is a four year undergraduate degree which prepares the candidate for fulltime ministry in the church and related services. Matriculation Passed or Equivalent is required for application. The candidate for this degree typically must complete a minimum 128 credits of course work in Biblical, Theological, Practical, Historical, and Mission and 5,000  word Research Paper.

Diploma in Theology

Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th) is a four year program which prepares the candidate for fulltime ministry in the churches and related services. High school grade-XI is eligible for application. The candidate must complete minimum 128 credits in the areas of Biblical, Theological, Practical, Historical, and Mission.

Liberal Arts Program

1. School of Music

School of music provides different levels of training for full-time and part-time students.

(1) Diploma in Church music is a three year program designed for music ministry in the church and related service. It is a 90 credit hour musical training focusing on one major subject. The course includes Piano, Violin, Voice, Conducting, Western Music Theory, Sight Singing, and Ear Training.

(2) Certificate in Music is one year program opened for part-time students. The candidate must accomplish 30 credit hours focusing on major subject either voice or piano or violin or guitar or conducting.

(3) Classroom Music Teacher Training: This is two to three month course designed for educators in international schools or private schools who need musical skills facilitating their curriculum. The course includes Music Assessment, Music Lesson Plan, Western Music Theory for Children, and Child Education.

2. Social Work (Diploma)

During the British colonization of Myanmar (1824-1885), Christian missionaries (especially American Baptist Missionaries) worked social welfare and social work education programs in the plain land as well as in remote area of the country. In the post-colonial period, however, the western-initiated social work program was discontinued because the government wanted to promote Myanmar way of socialism which excluded freedom and democracy.

Beginning from 2010, Myanmar is undergoing a challenging transition from military dictatorship to an open society. As the country is opened, social work education and professional social workers are essential for building the communities to be healthy and dynamic. But, only a handful people, those have the opportunity to study abroad, understand the nature of social work and obtain the skill. Currently Government’s Department of Social Welfare, NGOs and INGOs are lack of capable persons or professions in this field even though they would like to promote social work in the country. Myanmar is in need of many social workers to fill this service gap. The best solution would be opening social work courses or programs in Christian Colleges. Thus, Tedim Christian College (TCC) takes the risk and opens Diploma in Social Work program beginning from 2015 to promote Social Work education and to respond social changes in Myanmar.

Objectives: The course combines an integrated theoretical and practical approach to provide candidates with good quality educational and experiential foundation to become competent service provider in the social service. The candidate would be able to:

  • Understand sociological and psychological theories and principles that underpin their interaction with individuals, families and communities;
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal and helping skills to work with clients from different age groups and populations in the community;
  • Develop life skills such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving, self-initiated learning, team building and negotiation.

Eligibility: Matriculation passed is eligible for applying the program.

Course Description: Diploma in Social Work is a 6th month course to introduce the candidate basic knowledge about Social Work Education and Skills and the candidate must show competency on the following subjects: Introduction to Social Work,  Case Management, Disability Studies, Mental Health, Human Behavior and Social Development, Psychiatrics, Counseling, Working with Individuals/Families, Social Work Ethics.

3. Business Management (Diploma)The Diploma in Business Management program is offered for providing continuous learning who could not engage in full time study in business management. Any Bachelor degree holder is eligible to apply. The total duration of the whole program is 6 months. This program responds to the demand of skill labor in business world. The candidate must show competency on the following modules:  Sales & Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, General Management, Economics, Business Accounting, Business Ethics – Industrial Psychology, Digital Marketing, Project Management.