TCC College Christmas 2018

Devotional Leader: Let Ching Hao
Christmas Message: Sya Mun Khai
Call to Worship (Luke 2:11) – Devotional Leader
Opening Prayer
Hymn “Angles, from the Realms of Glory”
Solo – Mr Nang Khan Pau
Greetings by the Principal
Duet – Yawm Pai & Shwe Ding
Prayer for Teachers – Miss Zen Sian Nem
Solo – Dr. Mung Sian Hon
Responsive Reading – Mr Let Ching Hao
Group Song – TCC Gospel Team
Christmas Message – Sya Lian Lal Biak Muan Mun Khai
Special Prayer – Pastor Zam Khen Khai
Hymn “Joy to the World, the Lord is Come”
Benediction – Rev. Cin Sian Pau
* Grace for Christmas Fellowship Table – Dr. Luan Khan Tung

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